Porter Gingerbread with David Ort

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIAABu3urGI Sick of winter yet? Don’t fight it. Just give in. Let’s bake something cozy and nice. I love gingerbread, but I tend to think of it as a Christmassy thing, or perhaps something you eat in the fall with your pumpkin spice latte. For those of you who are sick to death of the myriad ways in which pumpkin … [Read more...]

IPA Guacamole Recipe

IPA Guacamole Excerpt from The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook (Whitecap Books) by David Ort Mashed avocado has a silky texture and rich flavour that go well with the punch of a hoppy India pale ale. Tomatoes add some sweetness and a hint of acid that bring the flavours together. If plum tomatoes aren’t in season, use an equivalent amount of cherry … [Read more...]

IPA Guacamole With David Ort

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 2.52.39 PM

David makes his IPA guacamole, a surprising recipe that is as delicious as it is unique. … [Read more...]

Review: The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook

Cover Photo by Michelle Furbacher (background) and Robin Sharp (inserts), from The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook (Whitecap Books) THIS book is a delightful surprise. Normally, a book with a mission—in this case, cooking with beer—would seem a gimmicky, forced sort of an exercise, more marketing material than true cookbook. Or at the very least, the … [Read more...]