Clams in Cataplana with Pork, White Wine, and Coriander


This recipe is slightly more involved than the simple clam dish Carla showed me on the video, but she was teaching me the very basics. For those of you ready for something more interesting, this dish promises a hearty meal, and a more unusual one. To be served with Portuguese cornbread, of course. (Recipe follows.) Photo by Ryan Szulz, from … [Read more...]

Portuguese Cornbread

What good are mussels without bread to sop up the broth? This was easy and delicious. … [Read more...]

Clams in Coriander Sauce

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Here Carla shows me the basics of cooking clams. Next, I'll post her original recipe for Clams in Cataplana with Pork, White Wine, and Coriander. We didn't have a cataplana, but a wok with a tight fitting lid did the trick just fine. … [Read more...]

Lentil and Date Soup

Here it is folk! The recipe to follow the video (which can be seen here: Lentil and Date Soup (Excerpt from The All-New Vegetarian Passport (Whitecap Books) by Linda Woolven Lemtil Soup with a hint of fruit. How very Middle Eastern. 1 Tbsp (15 mL) butter or dairy-free nonhydrogenated margarine1 large … [Read more...]

Lentil Date Soup

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Linda Woolven surprised me with the combination of flavours. I love lentils and dates, but had never thought of them together. Obviously, I need to do what Linda’s done and travel the world a bit more, because this is not an unusual pairing in the Middle East. The great thing about this soup is it will continue to warm us during this extended … [Read more...]