Mama Theresa

I’m sometimes called Mama despite my lack of Italian heritage (which I made up for by marrying in) and without having a great brood of children (only two). I often cook, however, as if I’m feeding a large Italian family, being a big fan of leftovers and feeling that people who pop by for a visit ought to be welcomed with food. Especially soup.

I like to keep it real with as little processed stuff as possible. I don’t mind fancy ingredients if they are in season, used sparingly and absolutely amazing. (Fresh porcini mushrooms, par example.) Decadence has its place in the joy of eating, just as the healthy stuff does.

I am a dedicated reviewer of Canadian cookbooks, and an advocate for my fellow foodies. Always keen to discover the latest food trends and meet people who know more about cooking than I do, I am your best resource for the neatest and most unique Canadian cookbooks.