Lentil Date Soup

Linda Woolven surprised me with the combination of flavours. I love lentils and dates, but had never thought of them together. Obviously, I need to do what Linda’s done and travel the world a bit more, because this is not an unusual pairing in the Middle East.

The great thing about this soup is it will continue to warm us during this extended cold spell, but not be too heavy. Lentils keep it hearty but healthy. She masters a perfect balance between her focus on well-being and her love of really good food.

I’m tempted to try this with some salty feta crumbled on top and fresh minced cilantro, if only because I would add those two things to absolutely everything if I could.


  1. What a wonderful recipe! My husband made it for dinner tonight, even thought we came home late. Hearty and absolutely delicious for a cold night.

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